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Do you put too much pressure on yourself? I really want all of you to remember that you do NOT need to be perfect in order to inspire or to lead others…

People are more inspired by how you DEAL with your own imperfections and win anyway!

In fact the contrast between your imperfections and the fact that you try anyway is the gap where so much power lies.

The most inspiring sports moments are seeing somebody with an injury or a deficiency win… nothing is more inspiring in life than seeing an imperfect person still give it their best and WIN.

Here’s the good news ! Every single human being has imperfections and is screwed up in one way or the another. Everyone is dealing with their own form of some insecurity or fear or imperfection… they are all too aware of….INCLUDING ME .

When you stop trying to be perfect, when you stop seeking other people’s approval and you discover your imperfections are what make you beautiful, make you inspiring, and were actually given to you was a blessing and a gift, is when your true power will be unleashed and you’ll inspire others in the way you can’t even imagine!
There’s no need to be perfect to inspire others. Let people get inspired by how you deal with your imperfections.

Justin Fraser

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