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The events that have happened at any time in your life, do not define you! 

Past setbacks, or even tragedies do not define your present for your future!

Also, you can’t live off your past victories and achievements either! They also do not define you!

In order to change your destiny and in order to meet the person you were born to be, you need to understand that what defines you is what you Do, what you CREATE and what you GIVE today!

YOU are the lead character in the STORY of your life ! You and your god are the authors of the book of your life and of the script of your life! At any point you can decide to turn the page and write a brand new chapter! Become a brand new character! A brand new leading women or leading man!

What’s your story gonna say? Have your best chapters already been written? Is some event from the early chapters, going to define the entire rest of the book of your life?! 

No!!! Don’t let the good or the bad chapters of your past ,define the future! It’s Time to truly Write the best chapters of your life story!

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