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“Wherever focus goes, energy flows.” ~Tony Robbins

It’s been a while since I wrote a more personal post but it’s time. They are scary to write because well, they are more personal. I’m not a super private person but at the same time, when you write something that anyone in the world could read it feels a tad awkward.

For the last couple of years I’ve been very focused on where I want to go. Of course, there are moments when you feel that BIG vision of yours is sooooo far away you wonder if it’s worth all the hard work and commitment. That maybe I should just settle and go find a corporate job and live a simple 8-5 life. Sometimes the vision seems to be just a bunch of words on paper.

This quest of becoming a better person, a better coach, a better speaker and this quest of stepping into my potential that I know lies within me is not a walk in the park. It’s more like trying to navigate the jungle wondering if the machete you have will be enough to cut down enough brush to clear a path.

And it can be very lonely. People look at you funny when you choose to go home and read a “personal development” book over “hanging out drinking cocktails.” And I can’t tell you how many odd looks I get when I say that I don’t watch TV or the news and that most of my time goes to learning and improving my skills so that I can continue to grow and help more people.

I have people that pay me to help them create a path. They look to me for answers. It’s my responsibility to work hard on my craft to make sure I help them create the absolute best path I can at the time.

But sometimes I struggle with clearing my own. Fear sets in. Lack of confidence sets in. All the voices in my head that’s coming from the various blueprints my parents, teachers, friends and society have imprinted into my mind without me knowing.

I show my clients how to deal with their blueprints, how to recognize their triggers and then re-write the voices. It’s hard work and it’s not done overnight. I’ve spent years rewriting them and it’s just like a bad habit, you got to avoid any temptations to let it sucker you back in. Rewiring your brain with a different blueprint is a really cool thing but it requires dedication.

I’m continually shaping me into the kind of person I want to be. Now, I’m very happy with who I am right now. In matter of fact I absolutely love and adore her. I have shaped her into what she is today, but now is the time to make something great into something even greater, but that doesn’t mean the nerves doesn’t kick in.

Will I lose this woman that I love and adore so much when I take my business to the next level? Will she be different? I’ve never been afraid of failing. But I’m afraid of success. Not good, old fashioned success as in living a good life. I’m talking about massive financial success. Because that’s where my vision lays. My goal is to build a 100 million dollar company by year 2020 and to stand on stage in front of thousands of people inspiring them to go live better lives.

That vision both excites me and scares the living crap out of me. It’s a tug-a-war. I have days when I feel as if that vision is as comfortable as my beloved yoga pants that would make any style fashionista cringe and there are days when it scares me so much I spend the day reading a business book in hopes of finding a magic answer on how to get there without me actually having to do it!

I’ve been around massive financial success and I’ve seen it change people. But my blueprint has been such that I’ve seen them change for the worse. I’ve seen it make them entitled. I never want to feel entitled. I never want to forget that my purpose is to serve. I never want to stop being so comfortable in my own skin that I don’t care if I wear a designer pair of yoga pants or not because I know it’s not what’s on the outside the counts, it’s what’s on the inside.

I’m scared success will change me. But that is still not a valid reason to play small. I’ve learned that when you look at option A and option B there’s an entire alphabet of options left. All I know is that it is up to me to mold the future me into what I want her to be and to make sure she is someone I’m proud of. It’s up to each and one of us to create us into what we want to be, then find a way to hold ourselves accountable to the highest vision of ourselves.

It’s hard. There’s no instruction manual to follow. No crystal ball. But fear of any kind is not a reason to stay where you are. Like Brendon Burchard so eloquently stated: “Fear is just bad management of our mind.”

What blueprint do you have that is holding you back from fully stepping into your potential?

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